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Desert X 2023 is now closed.

“Contrary to the archetype, a desert is not defined by the absence of water. The desert landscape is formed by the memory of water.”

Desert X 2023 does not forget water. It flows with the circulation and changes of water across states, bodies, and time, celebrating the interconnectedness of life on our planet and the tenacity and imagination needed to maintain life on it across extremes.

Our structures of survival in these extremes speak not just to the physical adaptations of climate but to the social formations that give form to a world increasingly shaped by climate crisis and the political and economic migrations that follow in its wake.

The artists in the exhibition create instruments of self-awareness that make visible the forces that we exert on the world: how we design our environments, how we live, the messages we send that reinforce systems that might or might not be beneficial for us.

Read the full interview with Co-curator Diana Campbell here.

View the Desert X 2023 program.