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Volunteers are vital to Desert X. Volunteers provide needed skills and expertise in a variety of meaningful roles based on interests and experience. The organization supports your learning and development throughout the exhibition and offers opportunities throughout the year to build relationships with other culturally curious individuals. Please tell us more about yourself by completing and submitting our online form.


Thank you to our Desert X Volunteers

Carol Adney, Jonathan Albiar, Brandy Alexander-Kern, Sheeryn Asghari, Jane Ayotte, Kanela Barton, Nicolas Behrmann, Cary Bellaflor, Jasmine Benyamin, Dave Bradshaw, David Cieslikowski, Jeanne Colliau, Paulina Cone, Richard Cooper, Anna Dining, Jack Donahue, Annee Elliot, Mark Farina, Cinnia Finfer, Jack Fitzsimmons, Jim Flanagan, Ron Florance, Walter Gendell, George Grana, Russell Graves, Maya Gruen, Mary Haas, Karena Heredia, Jeffrey Herr, Cameron Hirigoyen, Estee Huff, Jack Jackson, Michele Johnson, Cindy Kahn, Connor Keeran, Karen Kleinberg, Ethan Krenz, RoseAnne Kumins, Amelie Laurice, Tim Leary, Ash Lettow, Marie Lonsdale, Richard Lonsdale, Noel Loughrin, Carrena Lukas, Eileen Lynch, Mary Ann Makee, Diana Mehran, Lindsay Mero, Lesley Miller, Allegra Morelli, Glenn Motowidlak, Cerise Myers, Charlene Norred, Joanne O’Connell, Brian O’Connell, Alythia Ortiz, Marie Perotti, Jeffrey Pettola, Diana Phillips, Raymond Price, Gigi Pun, Tom Reid, Kenneth Remitz, Lisa Ringer, Susan Ritchie, Melissa Russo, Esme Ryan, Irwin Sacks, T Santora, Everette Solomon, Stephen St.Laurent, Nicola Stolting, Karin Straaton, Hope Stroble, Pamela Swanson, Reiku Syn, Suzanne Thomas, Gina Vadurro, Lauren Vallier, Ron Willison, Dorian Winship, Corrine Yates, Soon-Young Yoon, Paul Zak.