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Volunteers are vital to Desert X. Volunteers provide needed skills and expertise in a variety of meaningful roles based on interests and experience. The organization supports your learning and development throughout the exhibition and offers opportunities throughout the year to build relationships with other culturally curious individuals. Please tell us more about yourself by completing and submitting our online form.


Thank you to our Desert X 2021 Volunteers

Carol Adney, Jonathan Albiar, Oya Arslan, Kanela Barton, Cary Bellaflor, Gaea Bogue, Keri Bridgwater, Regan Brunetti, Cathleen Burke, Britt Campbell, Robert Collins, Paulina Cone, Rhoda Coscetti, Melanie Cross, Deborah Elkington, Annette Estes, Mark Farina, Cinnia Finfer, Jack Fitzsimmons, Walter Gendell, Tanner Glenn, George Grana, Maja Gruen, Erik Haig, Giles Henderson, Joe Hernandez, Estee Huff, Tim Hyland, Shana Johnson, Einar Ragnar Jonsson Ragnarsson, Ken Kauppi, Connor Keeran, Alden Kirkman, Ethan Krenz, Amelie Laurice, Tim Leary, RT Lonsdale, Noel Loughrin, Gregory Lupu, Janet Malachowsky, Mindy McEachran, Alonso Medel, Lesley Miller, Cerise Myers, Marie Najera, Alythia Ortiz, Martin Pack, Betsy Patterson, Samantha Patterson, Marie Perotti, Jeffrey Pettola, Diana Phillips, Dieleaber Porter, Raymond Price, Ragna Ragnarsson, Ron Ramos, Kenneth Remitz, Martinez Rhonda, Susan Ritchie, Rian Rochford, Pia Rose, Brittney Roy, Esmé Ryan, Irwin Sacks, Vitaly Sacred, T Santora, Everette Solomon, Joan Sotamayor, Martin Spector, Nicola Stolting, Lauren Taistra, Suzanne Thomas, Suzuki Tyson, Lauren Vallier, Adolfo Vasquez, Brenda Weinstock, Ron Wilson, Dorian Winship, Andrea Wood, Corrine Yates, Soon-Young Yoon, Miguel Zaragoza, Xiaoyun Zeng