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Help Us Protect the Land


Desert X consults with site owners and environmental organizations to install artworks and welcome visitors in a manner in which the exhibition leaves no trace after it closes. Desert X adopted guidelines set forth in Reading the Landscape, established by the Mojave Desert Land Trust to help artists responsibly engage with the land and its delicate ecosystems. The protocol calls for treading lightly during creation and visitation to avoid trampling vegetation, degrading soil, and disturbing wildlife in the creation of the art. At the necessary installation sites, Desert X offers access points, pathways, and parking to minimize impact on the land as well as a restoration plan to ensure the experience leaves no trace.

Desert X encourages visitors to follow official Leave No Trace guidelines: Plan ahead and prepare, walk on designated paths, dispose of waste properly, leave what you find, respect wildlife, don’t smoke, and be considerate of other visitors.

For more information, visit mdlt.org/discover-learn/reading-the-landscape and lnt.org