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Eduardo Sarabia

The Passenger is an arrow tip-shaped maze inspired by the trope of the journey that for generations has been closely bound to stories of the desert. From biblical narratives of exodus to the treks of immigrants searching for better tomorrows, the necessity to move from one place to another has shaped a shared experience across cultures. Made from walls of petates — traditional rugs woven from palm fibers — The Passenger speaks to the challenges and aspirations that encourage journeys and pays tribute to the people who have embarked upon them. In giving form to the experience of going to an elsewhere, The Passenger acknowledges the many people who have passed through the Coachella Valley while offering visitors time to contemplate their own journey as they navigate the maze.

Eduardo Sarabia (Los Angeles, California, 1976), who lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico, explores the complex cultural exchanges between Mexico and the United States and the multiple economies, formal and informal, that emerge from the encounters between two nations. Using materials that bridge tradition and popular culture, his works tell stories about the pasts and futures of people with two homelands.

The Passenger
33.775917, -116.368694
Frank Sinatra Drive and Portola Avenue, Palm Desert

The artist and Desert X would like to thank the following for their generous support in making this project possible: Minyoung Sohn / Blue Room Investing, the Judelson Family Foundation, Maestro Dobel Tequila, and the City of Palm Desert.