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Desert X 2019 Podcast

Sterling Ruby, Specter, Desert X 2019

Desert X is a contemporary art exhibition framed by the mountains and desert of the Coachella Valley. On this podcast, we’ll introduce you to some of the artists of Desert X 2019. Their site-specific artworks range from murals and projections to large-scale sculptures and virtual installations. And they take on themes like fossil fuel use, rising sea levels, and class divides. Desert X 2019 ran from Feb 9 - April 21, 2019.

The series is presented by Desert X 2019 Lead Sponsor Canoo formerly known as PROJECT EVELOZCITY, creating electric vehicles available by subscription.


Episode 1. John Gerrard on Western Flag and our shared petro-history


Episode 2. Rasmus Nielsen of Superflex on fish friendly architecture


Episode 3. Nancy Baker Cahill’s ephemeral sculptures


Episode 4. Cristobal Martinez of Postcommodity on listening to desert architecture


Episode 5. Kathleen Ryan on fragility and power


Episode 6. Gary Simmons on sound and place


Episode 7. Ivan Argote on reflections of time and scale


Episode 8. Sterling Ruby on the illusion of image