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Ayman Yossri Daydban

A rock garden in the shape of a full-sized soccer field


A Rock Garden in the Shape of a Full-Sized Soccer Field seeks to revive collective memories that lie in the volcanic desert of AlUla. Simply by realizing, contemplating, and thinking about the presence of the invisible, it reveals its identity and transforms it into a “bustling and flowing life.”
A football field in a remote rocky area is a mysterious and suspicious presence, and represents a provocation to the collective memory. It attracts one’s attention and arouses feelings of curiosity; it is a symbol of optimism and social interaction, and a reason for pride and belonging. One is drawn to think about how much team sports represent the desire for survival and, simultaneously, harmony with one’s place of origin; in doing so, one considers their relationship with art and culture. Therefore, Ayman Yossri Daydban’s work is an effort to preserve the continuous flow of existence and is a means to realize diversity through common human heritage. By understanding the geology, anthropology, and archeology of his region, the artist concentrates on possible future perspectives and the aspiration to live in a sustainable way, while protecting the environment and wildlife from disintegration and extinction.