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One Two Three Swing!


One Two Three Swing!

To exist in a global economy is to be in constant swing; periods of intense flux are interrupted by moments of sudden paralysis. These movements are causal, and capital connects us all, for better or worse. But perhaps we can harness this movement ourselves. Comprised of several sets of three-seated swings conjoined by a zig-zagging orange support, One Two Three Swing! invites its users to activate the socially transformative potential of collective movement, challenging society’s apathy towards the political, environmental and economic crises of our age. The multi-user swing acts as a human-powered pendulum, converting energy into movement that is almost flight: rocking, moving, propelling backward and forward with increasing momentum in a process of ever shifting equilibrium and play.

The swing’s users must utilize the forces of gravity through coordinated pushings and pullings, until everyone moves into full swing together. In this playful moment, the potential energy of group movement is released. Perhaps it is possible, then, to shift the impact of our collective action to achieve a different kind of global momentum and utilize the act of swinging together as a means of social and political transformation.

First installed at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall in 2017, various site-specific installations of the swing-set continue to be created in a great diversity of contexts, such as AlUla in Saudi Arabia, the DMZ area in South Korea and Vordingborg in Denmark. The color-scheme of the swings themselves represents the specific colors of the national currency of the country in which the swings are installed. Over time, the work will evolve as the orange support continues to grow and new swings are added into the wider world.

One Two Three Swing!
AlUla, Saudi Arabia
Desert X AlUla 2020