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Muhannad Shono

The Lost Path


The Lost Path

We are all in search of meaning in our lives, whether it be through maps we follow or journeys we undertake. In The Lost Path, Shono reminds us that the journey is always greater than the destination, and points us towards our own personal buried histories.

The path is drawn from a single line, seemingly unobtrusive but conspicuous enough to draw attention and arouse enough curiosity to want to follow it. At first, there is a sense of being led towards something, but soon, the path itself grows and expands so as to become the treasure itself, a sculptural relic waiting for visitors to explore it.

Using plastic pipes, a byproduct of the petroleum industry and a material the artist has been exploring in recent works, Shono repurposes this easily discarded material to draw the single line that forms the basis of this work; a line that creates versus a line that destroys, a line that draws you in rather than keeps you at a distance. He uses the pipes in the desert as one would ink on paper, effectively drawing on site – a sculptural sketch in the desert.

To those who choose to journey with the installation, the artist hopes to gift the childlike sense of wonder they once had. The Lost Path is a call for discovery, a treasure map leading towards the finding of our personal path.

The Lost Path
AlUla, Saudi Arabia
Desert X AlUla 2020