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This installation is still on view.

Jeffrey Gibson


ALIVE! is a found object ready made sculpture altered with paint and text that reads: I am alive! You are alive! They are alive! We are living!

I chose to work with a wind turbine blade because of how it alters one’s perceptions when they look out across the desert landscape. They are enormous and when viewing one up close you get a sense of the expansiveness of the desert landscape that they occupy. They are also really beautiful in form and their shape reminds me of something like a wing, a fin, or a bone from a massive whale. The text references the people who live in Palm Springs and the original indigenous people who occupied this land and their belief that the landscape is living.

33.823908, -116.549611
Palm Springs Art Museum
(outdoor sculpture garden)
Palm Springs, California, USA
Desert X 2017

Hand lettering by Aaron Hansen

Viewable 24/7 outside the Palm Springs Art Museum. For entry to the sculpture garden and the museum visit the museum website.