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Gabriel Kuri

Donation Box


Donation Box is a large scale installation in the form of an indoor landscape or domesticated desert. A vast expanse of sand -peppered with extinguished cigarette butts- in an empty commercial space, serves as the receptacle for small change. The audience will be invited to leave a monetary contribution on the surface of the art work, adding to the texture of this rather surreal scaled-down and boxed-in version of what otherwise lies right outside the shop, just beyond the parking lot.

Inspired by the stark contrasts between naked desert and developed land, typical of the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley area, donation box is a commentary on the desire to control and profit from the indomitable.

Through its basic and somehow exchangeable elements (land, currency, waste), and its somewhat absurd participatory nature, donation box aims to invite the spectator to share its reflection on the nature of speculation and its mark on the environment.

Donation Box
33.852642, -116.550706
Palm Springs, California, USA
Desert X 2017