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Zeinab AlHashemi

Camoulflage 2.0


Camoulflage 2.0 is a portmanteau, a combination of camel and camouflage, inspired by the way camel hides blend with the desert dunes. The installation strikes the audience as a desert scene from which an abstract camel silhouette emerges. Just as the animal’s natural coloring and form enable it to blend in with its surroundings, so too does the installation meld with its desert backdrop.

The scenic shades of the natural camel hair come from different carefully selected camel breeds. The camel hair on the rock-like sculptures symbolizes the magnificent creature that is synonymous with the desert. It is also a reminder that the site is now a public art park that celebrates the desert; it welcomes everyone to discover this place as a masterpiece of nature.

Zeinab Alhashemi (b. 1985, United Arab Emirates, based in Dubai) is an Emirati conceptual artist known for her large-scale site-specific installations. She is fascinated with capturing the transformation of her nation, examining both the contrast and interdependence between the abstract, geometric shapes of urbanism and the organic forms associated with her country’s natural landscape. Alhashemi has participated in numerous art fairs and festivals, including Sikka Art Fair and Dubai Design Week, and her works have been featured at the Sharjah Biennial 11. Her recent commission Takween is currently showing at EXPO 2020 Dubai at the Sustainability Pavilion, Terra.

Camoulflage 2.0
26.651056, 37.992889
AlUla, Saudi Arabia
Desert X AlUla 2022